Sestina- Losing Love

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I sit empty,
Things on my mind: nothing.
I want it terribly, terribly bad: sleep.
If only I could, I would try
to find, desperately and pleading, those words
that would fix the problems I have, and calm my fears.

I’m woken every night by fears
of still remaining empty.
Yours were the ones that hurt the most. Your words
made me feel like nothing,
even though for you I would anything try.
I think I’ll go back to sleep.

I only wish I could sleep.
Losing your presence is what I fear
Most. Can’t you at least try?
This feeling of being empty,
it can’t be nothing.
Can’t you please take back those heartless words

“Words? What words?”
Your excuses put me to sleep.
If only you could feel this much like nothing.
That sting on my heart is all that I fear,
and now my reserves of care are empty.
“Get Out, you don’t even try!”

It was a nice try,
your soothing words.
I bet now you’re empty,
and now you’re losing sleep.
I bet now you fear
Being alone with nothing.

I don’t know what to do anymore. Nothing
makes me feel better. To try
and fix things now is pointless. Fear
of losing you is still all I think about. Words
have brought us together and now torn us apart. Sleep
forever would be nice. This life is now just way to empty.

“This just in, after trying to talk to a man standing on a building using calming words,
the man, seemingly out of fear, jumped off. It’s been reported that the man had very little sleep
in the past few days. Nothing else is currently known, but the situation is looking rather empty.”


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