The Lost Locket

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Light flowed in through the window, bathing half of Mary’s face in a warm glow. She awoke as she felt the heat on her face, and began to rise out of bed. She rubbed her eyes as most do and then headed for the shower. It felt relaxing to just to stand underneath the rushing water after the events of the previous night.

Mary had been walking over to her boyfriend’s house in the hustle and bustle of downtown, excited to do nothing but watch movies while bundled together under the comfort of a blanket. The thought clouded her mind so much that she hadn’t noticed a man pursuing her from behind. As she walked in front of the entrance to an alleyway, the pursuer made his move, rushing toward Mary, grabbing her from behind and dragging her into the alleyway. Initially, Mary couldn’t think: What was going to happen? Rape? Murder? Unfortunately for her, it was something far worse. The man, after having moved back a fair distance into the alley, reached for the locket around her neck. Mary immediately tried to stop him with the quick movement to kick him, but she was stopped by his free hand. Once the pursuer had grabbed the locket and removed it from her neck he ran further into the alleyway and turned a corner. Mary, after getting back to her feet, chased after him, but when she turned to the corner he had just moments ago, there was nothing. No trace of him was left in the cold, dark hallways of the city.

Mary stepped out of the shower, awake and, more strangely to her, alive. She had so many questions for that man who stole her locket.


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