Why Did I Walk Into the Mall?

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I have not yet come to terms with my lonely disposition.
In and out, here and there, people always seem to come and go.
The immediate social glue that put us all in one place is now gone,
and I am left with no excuse to call, text, or even reach out.
It is hard, seeing those who you once considered dear friends
gone like they never there to begin with.
I often find it comforting to walk by myself, so that my loneliness can
ring outward as opposed to being left in my head.
Where I walk doesn’t usually matter, but I do tend to prefer the mall.
It is quite an addictive feeling really, the stomping of feet and the echoing of voices
so that I do not have to listen to my fears telling me everything you love
will soon be gone.
In the mall, the ins and outs, heres and theres are always changing.
Old complete strangers replaced with new ones, and they can’t hurt me by


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