1. The Bystander

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The one who looks on, not knowing what to do.
The one whose emotions blockade themselves.
The one who sees endless tragedy only to assume
someone will fix it one day.
The one who claims to believe justice while ignoring
the reality of such matters.
The one who knows equality is but scattered ideal torn
down by the tide of rising bigotry.
The one who sees the rich prey on the poor while they
Claim they are the victims.
The one who sees the rising of the oceans and the death of ecology
but pumps the world full of poison still.
The one who does nothing.

It is I, the Bystander.
I am a symptom of perpetual stagnation.
I am the victim of weaponized unconsciousness.
I am the lack of Political thought and the inability
to tell the difference between reality and self-delusion.
I am the collapse of modern society as we know it.



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