I Do Not Want to Go to Sleep

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I often reminded by the pitch black sky at 3:00 in the morning
just how much time is lost to sleep.
Like a careful thief of the night, slipping into your mind and eventually
pulling the lids over your eyes, and before you know it eight hours are gone.
It’s not fair, the way he comes every night, no matter how watchful you are,
and robs you of your precious time.
You could easily use that time for something else, like making more money at that
job you hate, or thinking about how lonely you are because you were never
really good at talking to people, so now you only have yourself.
Ok, so maybe I’m projecting a little bit too much, but back to my point:
One of the greatest injustices is how our bodies have legalized the act of thievery,
and how our minds are complicit.
Our eyes try and fight it, but the thief is known as sleep has been doing his job
for quite some time.
His methods are surefire, and his techniques are flawless.
As soon as you think you’ve caught him you’re waking up at 8:00 AM,
getting ready for work or school, and those 8-10 hours are lost forever.



  1. I can’t relate with you more. My motto: a minute asleep is a minute dead. How dare our body be dead for 1/3 of the 24hr day?
    I’ve started keeping a dream journal and occasionally lucid dream now, so that definitely makes it a tad less terrible…

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      1. I didn’t start remembering dreams or lucid-dreaming until I forced myself to keep a journal. Even if you can only remember a few words or a general mood, once you start writing it down you are almost guaranteed to remember more dreams to come. Dream recall and lucidity are entirely achievable through practice, and I can testify to that. Dreaming is weird stuff though, and I always feel like a weirdo sharing these experiences…XD

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