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Love is…
Love is criticism.
Love is pointing out that things are wrong when no one else will.
Love is standing beside those who not have a voice.
Love is remembering to give a voice to those who do not have one and letting them keep it.
Love is speaking truth to power.
Love is remembering that racism and bigotry did not come from nowhere.
Love is trying to help those who can barely afford to get by.
Love is a coalition of those who can’t pay their rent and those who could pay it for them.
Love is not electing hatred as a governing body.
Love is realizing that hatred is currently a governing body.
Love is not hatred
Love is fighting hatred.
Love is remembering that the earth in which we all will return does not restrict based on race, religion or creed.
Love is remembering that Justice is not blind because Justice decided to gouge her eyes out.
Love is remembering that humanity is not a gift to this earth but rather an incurable disease.
Love is remembering our fellow human beings.
Love is remembering,
Love is remembering!
Love is remembering to make a declaration, a declaration to wake up, get dressed, walk out the door, and continue, to continue living for a better world.



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