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An Introvert makes the distinction between being alone and being lonely
Being alone means that nobody is with,
and being lonely is the feeling you get when you realize your entire life has been
eighty percent of the people you know going away.
Some of them you don’t ever get to see again, and a pair of scissors cuts through
the bond you once shared. But a lot of them you do see again.
Each time you see them is a reminder of the time before they left,
a time when things were much simpler,
when you didn’t have to worry about what college was going to be like,
or whether or not your even good enough to see that person after they leave.
Being alone amounts to not having someone around temporarily,
but loneliness is when a person takes a piece of your heart right before they take off.
Loneliness is a pool that I have been drowning in my whole life.
I heard a rapper once say that “driving isn’t only time and mileage,” and they were right,
because sometimes when I get in my car, it feels like loneliness is taking the wheel.



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