Riveting Writing Prompts #2: A Guardian Angel at Work

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Welcome back, friends!

I had a great time working on the first Riveting Writing Prompts, so I thought I would continue the series by picking another fun one to do. The next one is another one I found on Reddit’s r/WritingPrompts. Here it is:

You’re basically a guardian angel. With powers to slightly distort reality, you carefully protect your target. Well, things like making sure they make it to work on time are usually easy. Except when there are other angels who’s targets will be affected by the consequences.

Without further ado, here we go.

It is easy to look down on others and think, “wow, this person is really awful.” But if you’ve spent as much time with a person as I have then you would know that life is complicated. A good day can easily become terrible with a phone cracked or a wallet stolen. Some people, like my protected, have had pretty terrible lives. Steve here grew up in a household where his dad drowned his sorrows in bottles and then proceeded to beat his mom every night.

Being surrounded by that much misery for the past 15 years has really left me to wonder why it is more people don’t take their lives. Oh, I’m sorry, I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Lumia, and I am a guardian angel. Steve, who I was describing earlier, is my protected, or the person I am assigned to look out for.

The system of guardian angels has a strange history. After it was discovered by many that there was, in fact, an afterlife, many decided that it would be a worthwhile effort to organize and ensure that those still left on earth were able to live relatively good lives. Unfortunately, it was discovered that those of us in the afterlife were only able to do so much. Even those deemed powerful enough to become guardian angels are only able to interact with the world in limited ways, so creating world peace and ending poverty is pretty much out of the question. Guardian Angels are also limited by a set of rules.

The origin of these rules and the institution that governs all Guardian Angel activity is aptly known as the Guardian Angel Society, or GAS, for short. One might say it is the fuel for all the small miracles that happen in the world. Those rules I mentioned earlier are as follows:

  1. Guardian Angels must pick at least one human to look after as their protected during the period in which that human is alive.
  2. Guardian Angels are not permitted to relinquish their bond to their chosen protected until said protected has passed away.
  3. Guardian Angels are required to do all that they can in order to help their chosen protected, within reasonable limits.
    1. This means that Angels are permitted to use their power to create small distortion in reality in order to improve the day to day experience of their chosen protected.

And, the most important rule of them all:

4. Guardian Angels are not permitted to distort reality for their chosen protected if it means that other protected will suffer.

These rules have been in place since the founding of GAS, and they have helped ensure that Guardian Angels adhere to a strict code of honor and nobility. I myself have had the pleasure to serve many protected, and help them along in whatever way I can. Now you might be asking yourself, “why would anyone want to become a Guardian Angel in the first place?” Well, in truth, there is not much to do in the afterlife. Most spend their time catching up with loved ones or roaming around on the surface of the earth, either chasing their regrets or loved ones who are still alive.

Being a Guardian Angel has given me a sense of purpose. It allows me to say, “Hello, world. My name is Lumia, and I am here to help.” Some of you might also be wondering, “Lumia, why did you really decide to become a Guardian Angel?” To that, I would say there is plenty of time tell you at another point in time.

Well, What did you guys think of this one? Better than my last attempt? Worse? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!



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