Riveting Writing Prompts #4: A New Phase Begins

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Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter

I saw this prompt a few weeks while reading ideas on Reddit, and the more I thought about this one, the more I got excited.

Humans are the most powerful beings in the Galaxy, with incredible abilities held by no other creatures. A million years ago all alien life forms decided to imprison humans on Earth, where the atmosphere blocks their abilities. But, as humans start to visit space, these powers finally awaken.

Very rarely have I delved into science fiction, but there really isn’t a lot else to go to based on this prompt, so hopefully I’ve wiped up something good for ya. Now, without further ado, enjoy.

“Come on, prisoner, its time to go.” Inside a small cell, Karra could hear a voice that sounded all too familiar. The alien guards used a translation device installed inside their suits that had a particularly scratchy effect, which annoyed her to death. Shortly following the call to leave, the cell door opened, with a fully armored guard standing at the wait. Karra had long since decided that passive resistance was the only bit of hope she could cling to, so she continued to sit. “I said, its time to go!” In a small fit of rage, the guard her by her arm out of the cell and then slammed her down on the hallway floor.

“Listen up, you filth!” The guard shouted as loud as he could. “I know you think there is its fun to make my job easier, but I’m telling you right now to stop!” The guard then kicked Karra in the stomach. She was barely able to hold back the urge to throw up. “If you’d rather not feel any more pain, I suggest you cooperate, you hear me?!” The cuffs around her hand made it that much harder to do so, but Karra managed to stand back up. “Now, walk prisoner.”

As far as she could tell, Karra was part of the first group that was scheduled to be loaded on to an alien ship and sent back to their home planet. She had been separated from her friends and parents for almost a week now, and had no ability to contact them. She had briefly seen her friend Ben as the aliens were organizing who exactly would be loaded onto the ship.

The aliens had been there for as long as anyone could remember, always ruling over humans. Everything from food to housing was managed by them, and yet no one could remember any distinct period of long-term suffering. Sure, there was no democracy, but no one had ever gone hungry or without a learning all of the essential skills they needed to survive. It was not until recently, however, that the aliens had ever made plans to go back to their original planet. They gave at least that much information through the World Monitoring Organization, the government agency used to collect and preserve data on every human ever born.

Even as a kid, Karra could tell that she knew just about as much as everyone else did when it came to the way the aliens governed. Her parents always made sure to tell her to be strong, and that no matter what happened in the future, that if she looked deep inside herself, she would find a way out.

At the end of the hall that Karra was forced down by the guard standing behind her was what looked like an exit to the building. “Hold up,” the guard said, and she then paused. A few moments after the guard’s sudden order, another alien dressed in a slightly different and somewhat more official suit opened the door. Karra squinted at the fresh sunlight coming from behind the more dressed-up guard, and then looked up. She then saw a badge with soaring jet on it, along with three stars on each of the alien’s shoulder pads. Karra wasn’t sure exactly, but she could tell he was an important military pilot. The guard behind her stood at attention. “Sir, here is the girl you requested for the mission home.” The pilot then looked back and said “thank you, soldier, you may return to your post.” “Thank you, sir.” The alien guard put his arm down, then turned and walked back towards Karra’s cell. “Come, follow me human.” Karra followed the pilot outside.

As she stepped out of the building, she could suddenly feel a gust a wind coming from the direction she was walking. After almost falling over, she then looked upward, only to see what looked like a spacecraft with the blades of a helicopter. Its size rivaled that of 10 football fields and had the height of a 10 story building. As Karra gawked at the size of the ship’s exterior, the pilot turned back to her with a smile and said: “Welcome, human, to your new home.”

Sorry for the way this one ended, but I promise I’ll be coming back to this one. I would just prefer to have my short stories a little more spaced out so that they aren’t taking up one single 5,000,000 word post. (JK that was an exaggeration). But seriously, what did you guys think of this story? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!



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