30 Day Poetry Challenge Day Thirteen: The Restaurant

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Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter.

For day thirteen of the 30 Day Poetry Challenge, a poem titled: The Restaurant.

The time is 6:45.
I am wearing a small black apron, in which carries pens and paper.
There are many people sitting inside this ground level structure
in which food is served upon request.
I am one of those who brings food,
and is asked for food, and also drinks.
The place where food is served has become very loud compared to earlier when I got there.

The time is now 7:30.
The place where food is served has become a little quieter.
I have stopped serving so much food, and drinks.
My small black apron has become significantly dirtier,
but all I can think about is the food that I serve other people.
I really want to eat some of that food, but it would be better if I didn’t.

The time is now 8:15.
There are only a few people left in the place where I serve food.
I am now serving very little food, and as the place where I serve food has
become quieter, my mind has become louder.
I am thinking about many things: food, the fact that maybe I hate myself, food, that time
when someone I cared about left, and by left I mean this world, what the front end of my car
would look like if I ran it into one of the trees behind the place where I serve food, and also food.

The time is 9:30.
I am no longer in the place where I serve food.
I am at home.
My mind is a lot quieter now.
Tomorrow, I will return to the restaurant, and I will serve more food,
and it will get louder,
and so will my mind,
but I will deal with that when I get to it.

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