30 Day Poetry Challenge Day Twenty-seven: When the Grass Starts to Whisper

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Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter.

We’re officially getting pretty close to the end of the 30 Day Poetry Challenge. After today, there are only three more days left. For day 27, here is a poem titled: When the Grass Starts to Whisper

Summers in Knoxville Tennessee can often be extremely rewarding if you know how to experience it.
It starts with being up early in the morning.
I remember a time in 6th grade where I stayed up the whole night, for absolutely no reason.
I guess my I just felt like testing my stamina.
At around 6:30, I tip-toed down the stairs as to not piss off my parents, and opened our front door, which likes to screech as loud as possible in the morning, apparently.
It does not take long for humidity to start riding through the air like it has somewhere to go, which is to say it has everywhere to go, and everywhere to stay.
Even in the morning, it felt like 80 degrees.
Eventually, I took a seat on our front porch and faced the other houses in the neighborhood.
Each one stared back, almost like they were saying good morning.
One thing I had not noticed ever before was the sound of early morning crickets.
However, my sleep-deprived brain slowly morphed chirps into voice, and in the beating rays of the morning sun, I could hear the grass whisper.
I wasn’t entirely sure what it was saying, maybe something like “I really wish you would stop stepping on me.”
At around seven I decided it was probably time to let my mind rest, and maybe I would listen for the grass whispering again soon.

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